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The Disfunctional Friends


Created by Michael Mortimer


Michael Mortimer TDF


A group of talking animals & a few humans living together dealing with the most terrifying thing known in existence… But other then that follow the lives of the Disfunctional Friends as they run a Cat’s Cafe, fighting unknown forces, steal for a living or getting into mischief.

The Disfunctional friends : OUR REVIEW

Dark and fun, gently gothic, The Disfunctinal Friends is an addictive webcomic with its impressive cast of characters ! Meet Phil and Jim the Penguins, Bob the Polar Bear, The Invisible Man, Scooter and Artie the Cats, Dahlia the Lady in Black (Our favorite!), and more. The strong idea of Michael Mortimer is to mix together animals, humans, and existential considerations. The Disfunctional Friends has a really indie tone, evoking actors on stage, led by a demanding author.  Michael Mortimer shares with us his anxieties while entertaining us. When art meets comedy, you’re on to something!

Suitable for all audiences.

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